Monday, November 15, 2010

Ten Days of Gratitude-Day 4

Blog Short Version: Today I am thankful for Russ.

Blog Long Version: No, I'm not just picking to be thankful for Russ out of mechanical duty. But because last night, I had a moment when I felt very grateful for him. A moment when I really thought about how easy it would have been for us to have never met, or to have met under different circumstances.

How did I meet Russ, you might ask. Although, I bet most people don't care. That's fine. This is more of a journal blog than anything else. (footnote: the other day I looked at an old blogpost of a day I forgot happened. I'm so glad I blogged about it!) 

Anyway, how I met Russ. One night in January 2004, I was walking to the SUU library to study. For some reason, probably because it was cold outside, I cut through the university ballroom to get to the library.

As I walked into the ballroom, there was an event going on- a extracurricular fair for students to get involved. I ended up talking to a friend and from there I met Russ. Our interaction was super cute, but I'll save that for another day. That's not important for the sake of this story.

So last night, as Russ and I watched a movie with some law school pals, I realized how blessed I was to meet Russ at just the perfect moment. Sure-we may have met later on, or under different circumstances. But I think if we had, that my heart would not have been open to dating him or eventually to loving him. I was a bit of a hermit; I had no intentions for love or marriage. I really think I met him and the perfect time, in the perfect way, so that I would be willing to let him into my heart.

Anyway, it just made me grateful last night. That I cut through the university ballroom to get to the library on a cold January evening. I'm even more grateful for the years with Russ. This February is 7 years from our first date. SEVEN YEARS! All from taking a shortcut to the library!

 I am grateful that I get to share this Thanksgiving with Russ, Bonnie (Russ's mom), and Randy (Russ's brother). I can't imagine being anywhere else and being as happy as I am.

(Took this last night after the movie)

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