Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day!

Thank you to my Grandparents for fighting in World War II in the Canadian Armed Forces. For my Grandma Milner becoming a Dame in the Canadian Legion.

Thank you to my American Grandparents for serving on the US side (including my grandma painting airplanes!) during WWII.

Thank you to my Uncle David for saving the lives of everyone on his plane. For giving away his parachute to a man with a wife and kids, and then going down with the airplane in India. This was also in World War II. There are 60+ descendants in my family named "David" after this heroic man. Including my little brother David and my 2nd cousin D. Todd Christofferson.

Thank you to my cousin Aaron for serving multiple tours of duty in the Middle East. He was the sharp shooter on top of the tank and saved many lives by taking out enemies before they took out his 'men' and his tank.

Thank you to my friends:

Greg Stell (currently serving in the Middle East. His wife and two sons are at home sacrificing their family time. Thank you Janessa.)

Daniel Tucker (Air Force)

Mark Walraven (Law student classmate. Amazing person.)

Jill Shepherd (Medic and Miss Utah 2008!)

Verna Milner (Army. Never active duty. But had the courage to serve!)

Jeremy Schroeder (Trained in San Antonio. We spent the 4th of July with him)

Chris Crawford (Undergrad Study Buddy. Served multiple tours of duty overseas and still serving our country working for the Ambassador in East Dili Timor. Thank you to his adorable wife Kelly and their 3 boys!)

I doubt any of these folks read my blog. But I wanted to remember who they were and what they've sacrificed for me. Thank You. To those I know and those I don't. Thank You for defending my freedom to go to law school, watch stupid movies, and eat oreos. But mostly my freedom to enjoy my family.

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