Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life of a Parent (Mormon, and compulsively productive)

I have come to the conclusion that being a mom has taken my approach to life and multiplied it.

Add in a faith of being "anxiously engaged in a good cause" and there's enough productivity for 10 people.

Here's my morning thus far:

Got myself ready-including shaving my legs!

Finished prepping a seminary lesson

Teaching two seminary lessons

Decent oatmeal/oj breakfast

Packed up baby clothes

Packed my daughter's backpack

Took the dog/dtr for a walk

Made it on time to work.

And it's only 8:15 am...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

CHOW!!!! William is in Texas right now and it got me thinkin of you! I would love to chat and catch up with you! And I'm dying to see photos of your little girl! I would love to tell you all about our adventures in Japan, too! Send me an email, or something! You can even call but remember I'm on Japan time!
Or 801-349-4387
Miss you!