Saturday, January 29, 2011

YNN Launch

Last night was the launch party changing News 8 Austin to Your News Now (YNN). It was a lot of fun, here's some highlights:

We drove up to the event with the Gomez's.
Mark is a weather reporter at Russ's station.
We've driven together to quite a few of these events.
So now when we drive together it's like reuniting with family!
They're such a lovely couple!

This is Russ's boss thanking everyone. I really love Russ's boss.
He is one of those people that are just good through ang through.

This is the band they had play, The Run Tides. The lead singer is also one of Russ's co-workers.

Eddie,  a co-worker of Russ's. The music was pretty awesome.

Because two singers are better than one.
Especially when one is from the audience.

At some point in the night I started taking these pictures.

Us & an air vent

Now our faces are more weird looking.
Then we turned pink (I think it was the lights).

This is the sign outside of the party at the Long Center in Austin.
It looked pretty cool from the road.

Russ taking a picture.

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