Saturday, November 24, 2012

1,000 Mental Blogs

Friends, I always have blogs that I want to write, but I never seem to have the moment of peace to write them. Well, I am taking a moment now to write one of them about Education...

The town I live has a reputation of having bad schools.

I have subbed at every school in the district and I now deal with some misbehaving young people in my job and here is my opinion about my "bad school district".

Is there room for improvement? Yes.

Are there some bad teachers? Yes.

What is the heart and core of our "bad" schools?

Honestly? Parents who check out of their kids lives. All the elementary schools are pretty great- with a few average ones in poor areas.

The Middle School? It is awesome. The principal is a great leader and cares about the kids. He gives them the 'tough love' attitude that they need.

But it's like these kids hit high school and parents check out of their lives. That is why our high school is not very good. Because there aren't good parents that are pushing their kids to get good grades. Families are not being families. You know, doing stuff together. It's like the parents toss their 15-18 yr olds over to their friends and then shrug their shoulders when their kids do not succeed.

Often people ask if I will put my kids in public or private. I say public. They always follow up with how bad the schools are in SM. I can't help but roll my eyes and say, Well it's an education. Something I can get involved in and influence to make sure it works. It is not uncontrollable. Parents just need to put the time in to make our schools great.


Paul and Tammy said...

I was just talking to my MIL about parents invovlement in their teenagers lives and how much of an impact it has. Even if you have a bad teacher or program, you can take it upon yourself to do your best and learn what you can on your own. The hubby has done this every semester with at least one class. The teacher isn't doing well so...he does what he can to learn the material himself. Take responsibility people!

Hilary said...

Well said. Agreed!